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    I want to buy a mobile on orange racoon £35 - 18 months which has 600min + 500 texts + unlimited landlines calls. The one advertised on phones4u website is ( Orange Racoon Value Tariff £35 - 18 Months), why the word "value" been added?
    I thought it meant there is no landlines calls, called phones4u customer service and was advised to speak to orange to clarify. Called orange & the said we don't know?????
    Any ideas whether they are the same or whether the word value means anything specific???



    I don't know for sure, but comparing the P4U site with Orange site, it looks to me as though you get the Racoon 35 for £25 a month.

    If you look at all the 'value' tariffs, they give either a fiver or tenner off - perhaps what the 'value' tag means?

    Also, check the P4U tariff page - they offer one Racoon 35 with £10 off, 600 mins & 500 texts, one with the same deal but just £5 off and one with your mins and texts, no discount but free landline and a magic number!

    My advice - phone O2 :whistling:

    Seriously - contact the different providers and push them for the best deal - you should be able to save loads off that.

    A few years ago when I went to sign up for an "animal" package at CPW, the deal was different despite being the same name and cost.

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    Thanks for your help guys
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