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Found 16th Dec 2009

I have a built in electric single oven - the opening is 57cm and the oven is 59cm at the front(widest part), and 54cm in the main "body" of the oven. I need to replace my oven and don't know how to find the width - most sites quote the widest part (e.g. 60cm) but that is only about 0.5cm deep, the main body of the oven width is the important thing - but I am struggling to find this out.

Any help on what will fit gratefully received! Thanks
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All ovens should fit a standard opening.
I thought so too :o)

Most seem to be 60cm*60cm which is fine, but the width of the main body differs - some seem to be around 54cm some 58 or 59cm. My space is only 57cm wide but the front can be 60cm wide. Many list the width as 60cm but not all tell you the space required within the housing (e.g. for me it's a max of 57cm so lots won't fit)

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