Help with Paypal dispute please

    Hi, am writing this on behalf of friends with triplets!

    They had the babies in Feb 2015. In July that year, they purchased a triple buggy at a cost of £750 and paid through Paypal. In November they had to replace the wheels, which they did without quibble. However, In January 2016 the axel broke and the buggy collapsed.

    They contacted the seller who refused to help so went to Paypal. They have also refused to help. They are saying that any disputes must be logged with 60 days, the buggy had not collapsed by 60 days.

    They are in touch with someone who bought an identical buggy from the same supplier. She had the same problem, the axel broke, but her babies were in it at the time and she only just managed to stop them all falling onto the floor. She had paid with credit card and got her money back via the card company.

    Does anyone have any experience of this? I can't even see who they can complain to about Paypal. They are regulated by the Financial Ombudsman but you can't complain to them from what I have seen. Are they even entitled to complain about them?

    I really would appreciate and help and advice. They are a lovely couple and I want them to get their money back. They need it with all those babies! Thanks


    From PP point of view it was fit for purpose as it developed a fault 6/7 months after purchase, and as the rightly say they will only open disputes within 60 days of purchase. I guess it depends on whether or not it came with any guarantee, and if it was sold as brand new or second-hand?
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    The issue is with the seller, surely? Paypal is just a means to pay, and they're body at best. I understand you get protection if you pay by credit card, (which I think of more as a courtesy, since it up to you which merchants you chose to spend money with), as such I always use a CC for large purchases.

    I'd chase the seller. If there's a case to be answered, it's with them.

    Good luck.

    The dispute is with the retailer, not PayPal. Was it purchased on eBay? Was it described as brand new? Is the seller still active? is the seller a VAT registered business? If they can't contact the retailer then contact the manufacturer. PayPal have completed their legal obligation so leave them out of the dispute. They'll also have to be able to prove its a manufacturer fault and hasn't been damaged through misuse.

    If it was sold new with a guarantee/warranty then trading standards might be able to help. It's also an idea to contact Trading Standards in the home town of your seller rather than your own TS that can speed things up.

    Nothing to do with Paypal. Your issue is with the seller and his product. If this item was second hand, unlucky. If brand new, you could argue that it's not fit for purpose as any buggy/pram ought to last more than the time you've had it. That all supposes you haven't abused/misused the item in any way.

    After a year it might be difficult to get any sort of resolution from the seller now but it might be worth emailing the manufacturer to see if they can help to avoid any bad publicity, especially if there are 2 cases of their buggies failing dangerously.

    Which brand and model was the pram, Sounds tome the pramwas a fake, , google the pram,see what comes up,especially in images. contact the pram manufacturer and explain and find out if the seller one bay was a official autherised seller. Last of all ask your credit card company to doa chargeback

    January 2016 the axel broke,you should of sorted this then,not a year later

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    January 2016 the axel broke,you should of sorted this then,not a year … January 2016 the axel broke,you should of sorted this then,not a year later

    They have been trying and are about to give up. Hence me asking on here as a last resort.

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    Thanks for all replies everyone

    Get Pram details, contact the manufacturer
    If it is fake play then sellers bluff and say you will be reporting them to the company for selling fakes if they fail to refund you.
    Report them either way.
    Surely a baby buggy where the axle breaks needs a health and safety recall?
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    Who is the retailer? Who's the manufacturer?

    It's now 2 years old so our best course of action is contacting the manufacturer if the retailer won't help.

    The time to speak to the retailer was when they had to replace the wheels. The retailer will now argue that as the buggy has been modified (new wheels regardless as to the reason) then any warranty is now void.
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