Found 4th Mar 2008
I sold my first item on ebay and buyer said he has paid money into my paypal account but i can not see payment had been received in my paypal account.I will be really thankfull if anybody let me know that how long it takes to receive money into paypal account after anybody paid in
I ll thankfull if any body help me please

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It should be almost instantaneous.

it should appear straight away (well within a few minutes). Check on ebay and put your mouse over the symbol (shopping trolley), it should say checked out via paypal. You have given the correct email address havent you?

it wasnt an electrical item by anychance was it?
if so it could be fake emails from paypal.
even if it wasnt electrical still be careful,
payments have always shown straight away with mine. it might take a while for the info to be passed to ebay from paypal so make sure you physically check your paypal account first.

Its Immediate Going In Not So Being Paid Back - Takes 7 Days

I think people are jumping to conclusions that this is a con pretty quickly. I remember when i sold my first ever item, the buyer had paid, but the money was unclaimed as i had to accept the payment, being my first ever one. If the shopping trolley icon is showing and so is the ound sign, try clicking on the pound sign to see if the payment is pending awaiting confirmation from you

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thank you all

Be very careful. I have been going through a scamming attack with E-Bay and PayPal over the past few days.
I sold a mobile on E-Bay. The high bidder asked for an invoice, then a few minutes later I recieved a mail from 'PayPal' saying I had been paid. At the same time I got another e-mail from the buyer saying they had made the payment, and giving me an address in Nigeria to post the phone to.
I had become suspicious by this time, so I went into my PayPal account BUT NOT FOLLOWING THE LINK IN THE E-MAIL, and of course there was no payment there.
If you are in any doubt about E-Bay or PayPal e-mails just click on the 'forward' button and send it to "[email protected]". I did this and got a reply within minutes telling me that it was a scam, and to totally ignore it.
Over the past 24 hours I have had numerous mails from the 'buyer' and 'PayPal' and 'E-Bay' saying I should post the item straight away, my account has been suspended, next step is court action etc etc etc
I am not replying to any of them, they are all fake and intended to make me give away a £150 phone.
I don't want to worry people too much. I have used E-Bay and PayPal for about 5 years, I've done nearly 400 deals, and this is only the 2nd time some-one has tried a scam. Basically, if you're careful (without being paranoid) E-Bay is brilliant, and safe.

Do not post anything until the money is in your account.
Check your emails as sometimes it can take the buyers payment a week or two to clear through paypal.


Ask the buyer to send you their paypal payment email.

It could be that you have a pending cheque through paypal. This could take up to a week to clear although it should state in your original paypal email if this is the case.
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