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    After SVP letting me down with a Dell base unit I ordred, I'm still looking to replace my base unit.

    I've now been offered a refurb'd Dell 530 E4500 with 3gb of 667mhz Ram, 320gb HD, on board Graphics, DVDRW & XP Pro installed. All for a shade under £200, sounds good to me but just wanted some opinions on if the spec is ok?

    Also can this be upgraded, I would probably want to add another HDD and could a graphics card be installed as this has only on board jobbie.

    Any advice and comments welcomed on the above.


    Can you give more details on the on-board graphics?

    What CPU does it have?

    What are you primary uses for it?

    What monitor is it hooked up to?

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    All I know is that it has on board Intel Graphics

    Intel core 2 duo E4500 2.2Ghz

    Mainly web browsing, some media playback. Some occasional video converting. No Gaming, as I bought the PS3, 360 & Wii for that.

    I have a 22" V7 LCD with VGA & DVI inputs

    The CPU is decent if a bit light on cache, if you can haggle down to £180 it's not bad, but I wouldn't be surprised if someone could find a better spec base model for similar money though.

    I asked about monitor as onboard gfx might struggle with 1680x1050 for some hidef video/other gfx.

    If you can get it for £170/£180 vs.:…116

    I;d say you have a half decent deal, I think...

    Ensure SiSandra/Diagnostic tests are run on it and that the HDD has a diagnostic on it too before buying though.
    Also tempting to make them run Prime95 for 30mins on torture test to ensure the CPU and it's cooling is sound.

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    for an extra £120 I could get one with a Q6600 with 256mb Graphics (Asus HD 2400 Pro 256 Meg Video Card) and 500gb HDD

    E4500 Retails for £75, Q6600 is £150ish I think, so thats a £75ish upgrade

    256mb gfx is awfully vague without knowing more about the GPU etc.

    320gb hdd to 500gb is barely £20difference with current prices. so it comes down to whether that 256mb gfx is worth £25ish more.

    I doubt you need the extra CPU, as good as quadcore sounds, will you download alot? do you need 500gb? And i expect for £30ish you could buy your own pci-e card to ramp up everyday gfx.

    Quadcore: = over the top
    500gb = with current prices tumbling wait for 500gb to hit £40ish later this year and add it if you need the space that badly
    GFX: Get the machine then decide if the onboard is too poor for your everyday us, if so £30ish on separate card later saves you £90 extra spend now.

    £120 might sound convienent but you might be getting extra parts you don't need, primarily that quadcore.

    According to spec on Dell site, this has PCI-e 16x slot so you can add a graphics card. It also has 4 SATA slots so you should be able to add a HDD. Only caveat is that Dell's manuals are not always 100% accurate and, if it's refurbished, you can't be certain what's inside until you look.

    go take £150 cash and wave it under his nose (have another 20 in back pocket for lunch money lol)

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    Thanks for all your words of wisdom I ended up getting a Quad Core Dell for under £300 with 500gb HDD 4gb Memory etc etc
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