help with pc security??

    i had a free trial of norton but have just rmeoved it cause it expired and have heard loads bad comms about it slowing down your comp.

    a few people mentioning free sites for security but done know the first thing?/

    do i have to have seperate ones? firewall, secuirty anti-virus?

    please help. xxx


    AVG some ppl say you can get kaspersky free on tthe aol site but i don't know if you can or not is a good programme tho

    try searching a site called you can get zone alarm free there too

    which is a firewall

    Use the free AOL one: the site is [URL=""][/URL]

    It is the same as Kaspersky anti-virus but with AOL branding. Kaspersky is the *best* anti virus software at the moment. It is very thorough plus it will detect any change in the registry or hidden installs being performed.

    A must for anyone

    I also vote for AVG as anti virus software, been using it for years and if your after a free firewall then zonealarm is good.

    I would always recommend that AVG is the best free AV and probably one of the best overall.

    Norton is rubbish, resource hungry and causes lots of problems and slowness on older PC's.

    AOL, well I wouldn't touch anything that even had the smallest association with those bunch of cowboys.

    (raises his hand in support of Norton...)

    Norton can be a terrible baby if you go for the default install & install everything. however, if you know what you're doing & what to tweak then it is a VERY good tool - I have it on all my machines:thumbsup:

    (not much good if you're not techni-savvy, I know, but I don't think that software should be rubbished 'just because' - that said, AOL is sh*te:giggle: )

    i use AVG now,

    i used to have a register version of Zone alarm,but they brought out a update,which messed up my PC abit and slowed it down.

    Zone Alarm - not good

    Zone Alarm Pro - very good:thumbsup:

    i think zone alarm IS good!!!


    Zone Alarm Pro - very good:thumbsup:

    Yep!, I've got Zonealarm internet security suite which is brilliant!

    AVG Internet Security is fantastic, has very small footprint and updates regularly. Nothing has got past it in the year that I've been using it. It's got anti-virus, firewall, anti-spam, anti-spyware...the works. You can download a free trial:…isw

    When it expires you have to "register" it.

    I used ZoneAlarm for a while but the later version are terrible, I wouldn't recommend it.…adp is what I used to use. It is just Kaspersky rebranded by AOL and as a consequence it is free.

    I cannot get it to work with VISTA though so I use AVG now.

    Zonealarm do a free firewall if you want something other than windows firewall.

    adaware personal edition is free and great for removing spyware.
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