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    I was travelling home and noticed a house that had like two tone pebble dash. The corner stone effect was in a different shade of dash to the rest of the house and i thought it looked very effective. Not a huge lover of dash but needing to get something done with the front of ours.
    Just wondering if anyone knows if this can be done by a 'normal' pebble dasher or if its a special thing, or if it has a special name or anything - any help much appreciated, thanks



    never pebble dash a house, it has to be rendered underneath, and you only do that to hide frost damaged bricks, and you get more damp issues

    if you have bricks showing still, id have it repointed and brickes cleaned, or if its painted, properly cleaned and repainted

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    the front is pebble dashed and the sides rendered, i think its red brick underneath, we do have damp coming though in places. the guy whos maybe doing it said he would 'kango' the exisiting off and redo. as i say not a big fan of dashing would rather have it rendered and painted just the two tone dashing had quite a nice effect that i could maybe accept
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