help with petrol please!....

    hello, I'm driving through france, belgium, germany, switzerland, italy and monaco and am confused about recigniseing what unleaded will be at the pumps! Dont want to get caught puttin diesel in 1000s of miles from home! thanks guys x


    arent the colours the same green petrol and black diesel?


    arent the colours the same green petrol and black diesel?

    Thats what i thought.... could be wrong tho.


    Try and save the big fill up until switzerland as 30% cheaper than the rest of europe. Another benefit of keeping out of the EU perhaps lol…asp


    arent the colours the same green petrol and black diesel?

    Was just about to say the same myself:-D

    i have no idea on price but have a good time!

    jus babel fish the word diesel for u (as its the one u wanna avoid) looks like most of the languages use diesel as diesel..any language experts wanna elaborate on this? i know ive driven through europe a few times and we have never had any long as u fill at the big names like shell etc...the smaller pumps might be harder to work out

    Is it not the case that a diesel hose is wider than a petrol one so does not fit in?

    The problem arises when putting petrol into a diesel car?

    Franch speaking countries say "Sans Plomb" for unleaded, and German speaking countries say "Bleifrei".

    As far as I can remember, the hoses are green (i.e. the same as in this country).

    You should also find that the diesel hoses won't fit in your car, as the hole for unleaded is deliberately made smaller to stop you filling up with deisel (sadly it doesn't stop deisel owners filling up with unleaded).

    Enjoy the trip!

    the things we learn!...clever cis_groupie!

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    thankyou so much guys not been driving long so wanna avaoid any big mistakes lol x

    Spain in 'sin plomo' (or very simililar, can't remember exact spelling)

    the things we learn!...clever cis_groupie!

    I've lived in quite a few European countries so I should know!:-D

    One thing I do know is that you will need to purchase Road Tax when driving through Switzerland, I think you can get a 1 week ticket.

    You also need one for Austria - don't try your luck & not bother buying. The police set up regular road checks (especially at the borders for when you leave the country) - no disc = a big fine!

    In Austria you can get them at post offices - not sure about Switzerland, though.

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    thanks guys! gee i had no idea there was so much to think about!! is there anything else like tax or charges or anything at all i should know about for monaco, france, switzerland ,germany or luxemburg? thanks guys youve been amazing!!:thumbsup:
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