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    Hi i need help, when i upload pics from my digi camera then try to upload them to photobucket or ebay it takes FOREVER, how can i get them up smaller?


    Open the picture with your program that you view your pictures with then save picture as a jpeg :thumbsup:
    You should be able to resize picture through your viewing program, but if its taking a long time to upload picture its because of the size of the picture in MB (megabytes) usually because the file type is bmp just open it and save as jpeg and it will reduce it to a fraction of the size.
    ATB Dave

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    hi, thanks for rplying, they are all jpegs i don't understand why they are taking so long

    how big is each pic? in memory size, what program do you use to view

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    1932 x 2576 pixels i open them with windows picture gallery and upload to ebay from there

    they are 706 kb?

    when you log into photobucket, do you see an option for faster uploading? I use that

    have you got photoshop or any pic editing programs on your computer?

    You need to resize as ^^^.

    You can do easy resizing with…spx

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    have you got photoshop or any pic editing programs on your computer?

    No, can they be downloaded?

    There are various free imaging programs out there google it when you have the time but for the mo best bet is to follow link that chesso posted :thumbsup: and use that
    ATB Dave
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