help with pioneer cdj 1000 mk1 what cards do i use for this????

Found 13th Nov 2008
just wanting to know what cards do these decks take,tried my SD cards and they come up with MMC io error any help appreciated guys n gals :thumbsup:
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I think it does take SD Cards...

You sure they're not formatted to NTFS, as they should be FAT or FAT32.
ah ok maybe that's it will try that,any ideas what I am doing wrong with the mp3 disks??? Tried burning mp3s but they won't play in the pioneer,I burn normal audio disks and they work perfect I'm puzzled.
Make sure they are MP3, not WMA... that could be one reason...

Also, make sure you are creating a Data CD (which I would presume you are) and not a Multisession.

Other than that, no idea.
i am using windows media player to burn the data disks and that has only one data setting,am i better using nero or are there any better apps out there.really frustrating this.
If you're using Windows Media Player, odds on you are sticking WMA files on the disc...

Use Nero and also check the properties of the files to make sure they are MP3.
If all else fails. Just throw them in the bin...

Then tell me whereabouts you live.
had a mixing sesh the night with just normal cd's,will try and get this problem fixed cos it's good to have the names of the tracks on the display.
The cards you need for MK1 CDJ1000s are MMC cards, they are pretty much identical in shape and size to SD, but the MK1 and MK2 wont read SD (MK3 will)

Also the CDJ1000 MK1 (and 2) won't read MP3 discs of any sort, sorry!

Hope that helped.
will they still read mp3 format on the mmc card tho???
No, you can't read audio off the cards on any model as far as i'm aware, it's only for cuepoint & loop storing.
anyone esle confirm this please and save me money by not buying as i only want these if i can store music on
Just fired up my MK3's to double check, theres no option to read any sort of audio from the cards, they are solely for loops, cue points and hot cues.

These features are still very useful by the way, hot cues especially. MMC cards can be had for dirt cheap.

Oh and by the way, get the smallest cards you can and save some cash - anything over 16mb is superfluous and won't be used by the deck.

If you want a second opinion then this forum thread seems to agree…082

Edit: Oh, and apparently the Wave Display Data is stored on the cards too.

Edit again: Pulse's point #2 in that thread is actually incorrect, at least according to my experience. My old MK2s would NOT read SD cards, and my current MK3s most definitely DO read MMC's.
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