Help with Play TV please

    Hey guys, is it possible to use play TV if you only have cable installed? IE; Virgin Media?

    I have no outside aerial and only have Virgin Media.

    I hope I haven't totally wasted my money on the bloody thing!!


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    I'm gonna bump already as I'm very impatient....

    No need an aerial, VM wont work.

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    So seen as I don't have an outside aerial, is the product pretty useless to me?

    Could always buy an inside aerial the ones which are main powered (better signal) but with that still may not a good signal and all the channels which will effect the quality of picture.

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    I had one of them and it said it still had 'no signal'

    Do I have ti alter the settings to change it to read an internal aerial?

    As I thought wouldnt work as needs a strong signal. Just put it nect to the PS3 and will look pretty but wont work.

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    Ah that's crap. Cheers for your help though.

    Stupid student rentals!!

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    We used to have a mains aerial in the old house but never got round to using it as the ps3 stayed in the bedroom.

    Therefore we thought 'oh mint we can use it in the next house'. but no outside aerial is to be seen.

    Sucks ****!!
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