Help with - no emails or tracking

    I ordered a TV off last thursday(9th), Was told to call regarding additional security check, this went through on sunday, with packing notice then posted notice on monday 13th.

    On the order history, theres no tracking number associated with the order, as its now 4 days on since being posted im starting to get a bit concerned.

    Phoned play who told me that not all of their distribution centres send tracking numbers with orders, which i think is ridiculous regarding the price of the item.

    Has anyone had this before? no tracking number? How long did it then take to arrive?



    I shouldn't worry mate. If it doesn't turn up just ring them. They are a business and it will be their fault if it goes missing and you will get a refund/replacement. It happened to one of my DVDs I ordered from them. Simply rang them and they sent a replacement. Granted the value isn't as much but it should work with anything you buy from them.


    ring them...their customer services are excellent and they're quick too

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    ring them...their customer services are excellent and they're quick too

    did, they told me to wait if it didnt come, told me they dont have a tracking no for order and therefore cant provide me with one
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