Help with plugging laptop into TV

im using an S video cable to connect my laptop to my tv.
I can get it to work, but only if i extend my computer screen onto the TV. So, when i want to do anything on the TV - i have to drag the window over to the left.

I cant figure out how to just clone my screen - so the tv shows exactly whats happening on my latop.. anyone know?


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i assume its fiddling with something in display - but having spent a while on it last night, i gave up


You need to set up screen 2 in the display properties

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yep, screen 2 works - but i can only get it to work as an extended screen...
id rather have it as just a duplication - so it displays exactly whats happening on my computer screen

is it not one of the function keys, like function+F7 or something?

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i'll give it a go later.. i did try the Fn keys, all it did was refresh everything. Mine looks slightly different, still a picture of a screen though.
I thought there might be a setting in display that i was missing

There's some way to drag the screen over to the right, so that it's off screen on your laptop but appears on the tv if that makes sense

Sorry if this is what you're already doin :lol:

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yea... i think that is what im doing.
never mind, i'll have another look later, see if i can figure it out - thanks for the suggestions..
im just after playing iplayer on my tv really, lol

I think what you are after is a duplicate screen -ie what is on your lappy, you want on your tv.

I had this issue a few weeks back. Te only way I could do it was to firstly connect my lappy & tv via a vga cable - like a PC monitor cable thingy. Then I put the tv on standby. Then I turned on the laptop and as it booted up to the desktop, the tv flicked on with a copy of my desktop!

I've done it a few times since and works every time.

Hope that helps - col.
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