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    Hello guys I am struggling with my portfolio??? I am a student in graphic design and I am wondering if someone can help or give advice about how to build a good and an efficient portfolio.
    How much work is it possible to put on as too much is overpowered and too little is embarrassing?
    Which kind of work can I incorporate??
    How many pages is there any limit?
    And what is the size of the portfolio??
    Is there any writing which I can include or is it just about practical works?
    Do you include a CV with the portfolio and so on and so forth????
    Any useful links for some samples???
    Thanks a lot in advance


    if your a student then surely the best person to talk to is your tutor.

    is it hand drawn, digital or a combination of both?

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    i have got a bit of everything but i just don t know from where i start

    Maybe I can help with the digital stuff, I'm getting a digital media company off the ground and could do with some proper projects to build up my own portfolio.

    if you've ever wanted a video reel to present your work then now's the time. A CD would be a nice addition to any portfolio and you're welcome to host it yourself and snd to a potential employer.

    As you can see I've only just started to create render files myself, I'm just waiting to sus out my own style and get a few comissions under my belt :…tal

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    nice work, i have just sarted to learn website and i have done one for my portfolio but i am not that sure if its a good one or no as i included a bit of my graphic design work and also my painting, drawings and videos
    what do you think?

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    i just want to know how to present it in pdf format

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    thanks a lot MinstrelMan for your advice

    look and content wise i think its spot on for what you need, loading time is a little slow, dunno whether thats down to the hosting, my connection, or the file size of the graphics, if the latter try sacrificing some of the quality, its only block colours so shouldnt really affect the look of the site.

    the only critism I have is in the wording of how you sell yourself, but thats just me being picky as its your work which speaks volumes, and I must say is of a really high standard

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    thanks a lot, well this is just my first attempt and as i said before i dont know whether is it the right way or no
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