Help with postal rates chart

    I have a sheet that I printed and stuck to my ebay scales that shows all RM postal rates, this is out of date now and I can no longer find it on their site, can anyone provide the link to it?

    Thanks guys im sure one of you geniuses will know what i mean!


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    Typical i've just found it after wasting an hour or so! itse here [url][/url]

    Erm... ebay scales, that sounds serious mate :oops:


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    Is it not … Is it not here

    Thanks ive been having to use that all night, but thats the online calculator, the one I was looking for is above that i could print out and stck on my scales. Rep for the effort though:thumbsup:


    A nice gadget for quick and easy calcs but not printable I'm afraid.…65f
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