Help with Pricing

    Considering putting Xbox 360 HD-DVD Drive up for sale.

    Even though it's a cheap upscale and High Def entry into the market, I can't be bothered to bump the collection even as cheap as HD-DVDs are.

    How much would you expect for...

    HD-DVD Drive (Boxed, Instructions, CD for install - No Remote)
    300 HD-DVD/DVD Combo (American/Region 1)
    Transformers (American)
    Batman Begins (American)
    Constantine (UK)
    Fast & Furious Collection (3 x UK HD-DVD)
    The Reaping (UK)
    Total Recall (UK)
    V for Vendetta (UK)
    Face/Off (American)

    All in very good condition.

    Cheers for your help.


    My guess would be about £20 for the drive and around £5 each for the films

    I'd give you £12 delivered for face off and batman begins

    Original Poster

    Sorry, I'm not actually offering them for sale on here, I just wanted some help with deciding what sort of prices to consider for the whole lot...

    if you do sell them seperatley can i have 1st dibs on them 2?

    Original Poster

    If I do sell seperately, will do...

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