Help With Pricing My Laptops NOT selling them yet this is for advice

    I'm not selling these, yet, just want advice. Want to sell some of my laptop collection to raise some funds for a car. Can people give me a price on what these are worth.

    Hp 6720s.
    Used for 4 months not a mark on it, comes with two offical chargers. Fully boxed with all accessories, mostly new, all the plastics bags etc.
    The Spec is
    Windows Vista Business. Bluetooth. 2ghz process Core 2 duo. 2gb of ram, 160gb hard drive.

    Dell 1520
    Red lid, very good condition. Bluetooth, webcam built in. 1.6 ghz, Core 2 Duo, 2gb ram 160gb hard drive. Not boxed with original charger. Vista Home

    Samsung Q45
    12.1 inch screen with a 9 cell battery which gets 8 hours of battery. Good condition. Core 2 duo 2ghz, 2 gb ram and 100gb hard drive in black. No box with charger. XP Pro

    Samsung X60
    Once lightess and slimest notebook you can buy. Excellent screen on this not a mark on it. 80gb hard drive. Core Duo 2ghz processor and 2gb of ram. No box with charger. XP Pro

    I have a probem when I see a nice laptop, I want them. So if people could help me and tell me what each is worth that would be great and I'll rep you for your help. All have latest Office on it as well.

    Thanks Ben


    Highlight the model's name, right-click it, click "Search Google For...", and click on the link it gives you for Google shopping. Sorted.

    Hp - 350
    dell - 250
    q45 - 350
    x60 - 300


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