Help with printer settings please

I have an epson rx425 and cant work out how to make changed page settings stay. i changed the yesterday to a smaller size as was printing off photos, now i cant change them back, well i can till i close page and open another then the small settings are back and before i chuck this chuffing thing through the window i thought i would show my blondness and ask here, please, please:santa:


Where are you changing the printer settings? Are you doing it within the program you are printing from or in control panel/printers and choosing the setting there?


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i changed it in the print photo of epson, so now trying to change it in page set up:?

Windows XP sassie ?

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ok done it in control panel, never thought of that, your a godsend xxxx

I take that back, its changed nothing :-(

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Ok, thanks guys have sorted it, dont know how but i have:-D

Sassie I had this written down before you said it was sorted, seems to works for me

right click on current printer
change current settings from preferences

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thanks :thumbsup:
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