Help with Ps2 Slim Problem!

    Hey All, thought someone here might be able to help me out!

    I have bought a PS2 (Slim one) second hand a few weeks ago and bought the swap magic discs as well.

    Problem i have is that the ps2 keeps randomly shutting down. Ill be playing a game and it will just go straight back to standby like i had switched it off. Its seems random, not specific to any game. Does anyone know what the problem is? Does it have a cut off for when it overheats, could that be the issue?

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    do you use the slim tool if so i found that tool 3 the one which is a ****** to fit makes a very slight contact with the sensor i wonder if it could be a case of the slightest vibration making the sensor not touch the tool i have the prob of the disc stopping spinning as contact is lost you could try opening up ps2 and putting tape over the sensor or putting tape or blu tack ,chewing gum elastic band etc round end of tool 3 to improve the contact
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