Help with ps3 nat type please? How to change to open?

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Found 25th Dec 2010

had my ps3 for a while and since changing to sky have never been able to connect.

Anyway, got a new router from sky and its connecting fine but I can't matchmake due to my 'moderate' nat type.

I want to play some black ops!

I need to change this to open so it will work. Any guides on how to do it?

Would I be able to ring sky up and get them to do it for me, or is it simple enough for me to do?

Thanks a lot guys!

PS Merry Christmas!

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might help click HERE

black ops online is pretty buggered, im on BT and i get a STRICT nat type, cant join any of my friends online etc.
There is a fix (Wierd as it may be) that might be able to work for you to get an OPEN nat type, and you need modern warfare 2 to do it, start off by placing modern warfare 2 in the ps3 and starting it up, go to the online section and you should see it say OPEN by nat type, quit from the game and put black ops in, now where you once saw MODERATE (And i see STRICT) should if it worked for you say OPEN.

strange eh? after doing this i am able to join friends and play it how it should be played and also on many occasions be host

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Thanks, somehow i just reset my router and it worked but it was SO laggy i could barely play.

It used to work fine on virgin...

I'll keep trying
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