Found 6th Apr 2008
Internet browsing works fine on ps3, but when i try to play online it says network error. But my account works on other peoples ps3s.

ive been on google and i did all the steps putting ip address and everything, still nothing.

Was wondering if anyone else had a different way to get round it as it is quite frustrating. Thanks

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Have you tried turning off media sharing under settings?

I get that network error when my wifi is not found. Try bringing your wifi router closer and see if anything happens. If not then try this:
1. remove power cord on both the modem and router
2. wait a minute or two
3. plug in modem
4. plug in router.

I believe its something to do with your routers security, for the short time i owned a ps3 i couldn't connect to my router and i had to disable the security on my router to get it to work

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wifi signal is 100%

yes its got a wep thing, so i need to take that off? thanks

There may be a setting on your router that needs configuring.

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ok cheers, ill check
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