Help with PSP Memory Card/Stick - requirements??

    Bought PSP's for xmas pressies and read many of the reviews which said make sure you buy a memory stick/card.

    Should I buy a Sony make or are there some other good cheaper ones out there. Also what size (although does this depend on games? - if yes - littlest daughter - invizimals, spongebob - eldest daughter Tekken, Jak & Daxter).

    Any help greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks,


    I had a 4gb sandisk one and I played games from it with no problems, if it's just for game saves, music etc either should be fine.. whichever is best value..

    Watch out from asian dealers such as deal extreme, they sell some fakes

    i bought a cheap unbranded memory card from amazon market place. only cost me £4.50 for a 4gig one and it works perfectly

    Original Poster

    Thanks both - will have search on Amazon now.


    just make sure the seller has a good rating before you buy off amazon market place :-)
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