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Found 2nd Jun 2009
Hi, the daughter has a public speaking comp at school, the topic she has chosen is 'Is it a man's world' which she will obviously talk against it being so.

It's only 3 minutes and was wondering if you could fire some good examples of where women are equal or better than men.

I'd prefer it if it didn't turn into a debate just some ideas please.

I was thinking along the lines of a sporting, musical and historical example.

Cheers for any help.

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Sporting: Venus, Serena Williams although perhaps difficult to argue as they only compete against other women not other men!?
What about the likes of Anita Roddick or other similiar social philanthropists?
My OH also tells me that women were fundamental in the design of computers- something to do with WW2 missile implementation through complex calculations by hand and as they were so fast they were referred to as 'computers'. They are also attributed to the birth of the internet- Radia Pearlman was in charge of coming up with the 'spanning tree' algorithm- the basic principle of data transfer across computer networks.
Also medical breakthroughs, eg Marie Curie.

Original Poster

didn't want to go too deep and bore them to death.

Was thinking along the lines of

Beyonce / Spice Girls
The Queen
Florence Nightingale

people the other kids/teachers have heard of

Margret Thatcher maybe

Small recommendation: Generally stay away from sports (too many arguments)

What about the award winning game made entirely by women that beat men.…me/

*Step up*

Is it a mans world?


Yes it is.

Thanks for listening.

*Sit down*

Why is she she trying to become a politician?

Original Poster


Margret Thatcher maybe

thought about her,
she'd never heard of her:w00t:


thought about her, she'd never heard of her:w00t:

lol how about J.K Rowling

Original Poster


lol how about J.K Rowling

nice one, that's great she's potter mad

Agatha Christie too maybe (if shes heard of her)
according to wikipedia - best-selling writer of books of all time

Also the grumpy old woman from Dragons Den - Deborah Meadon
went from running Bingo at Butlins to a self made millionairess.

Indira Gandhi

If I die today, every drop of my blood will invigorate the nation
Indira Gandhi…dhi
"She was India's first and, to date, only female Prime Minister of India." There is no debate on that topic....Was Powerful lady! mostly like Thatcher..different views

'Is it a man's world' which she will obviously talk against it being so.

End of any contribution I may have made.:roll:


Why is she she trying to become a politician?

Was gonna say, most politicians are men.... theres a one up for womenkind.

imo.... women are better at multi-tasking,asking for directions
and finding things in the cupboard when you have already looked!!


Just to be clear I was joking.
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