Help with purchase from Habitat

    My mum is dying to get a piece of furniture from Habitat, its on sale on their website at the moment, and theres a 10% discount code for new customers as well. I would love to buy it for her but its quite expensive and I'm skint so Im looking to do it in the cheapest way possible. Problem is there is a £50 delivery fee

    Has anybody ever purchased via the phone with them? Will they accept the discount code over the phone?

    From their website it appears that theres no way to get around the delivery fee, but I was thinking that I suggested a store pick up they would do that instead? What you think my chances are?

    Any tips much appreciated



    Go to the store and haggle for free delivery

    +1. Ask instore for a discount and if they will offer free delivery.

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    yeah I was thinking that, but was hoping to get the 10% discount and Im thinking that they wont give me that if they offer free delivery, and the 10% i worth more than the free delivery

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    just to let you guys know, they did match the 10% discount in store after a bit of haggling
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