help with purchasing iphone 4

    ok so i have a 3g 16gb iphone in near mint condition and looking to sell this and get the iphone 4,i'm wondering what is the best option for me in getting the 16gb iphone 4 in black.basically the cheapest option incl me buying the phone and 18months contract any help appreciated


    Buy from Tesco - 12 month contract , £20 option and £35 option.…ins

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    how much is 1gb of data a month lol,i use my internet alot when im out and about.what do they charge over the 1gb mark or does it just stop when u hit it???

    I am a lover Apple products, I have an imac and have had a iphone and lappy in the past, but as I understand it if the device is not good on reception why are people paying for a product with a fault. Is it not better to wait for the next gen, It is a cracking phone but more money than sense. Just my opinion.

    No problems with mine, I'd deffinately recommend one!
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