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    right ive been with quidco for like 3 years and always done everything and got on everythign fine but last two months they dont seem to be paying my full amount which has been recieved its only been basically £2 a month its says payemtns so all been cleared etc but then when i click on payment tab its comes up amount minus like £2 or so, i dont really know whats going on with it and cant seem to contact them about it anyone know whats happening,



    not sure how you are failing to contact them... their support is great in my experience.

    Are you including the yearly fee? Also are the payments saying PAID

    Try posting on the dedicated quidco thread,you may get a reply from a quidco rep.

    Yes their customer service has always been spot on for me!
    Got £79.80 going to my pp account on the 28th feb :-)

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    i cant seem to get customer service up only if its link to a payment from store etc can actually just submit an enquiry for some reason, as for yearly subscription maybe it is that but surly it should say?

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    basically it comes up paid but then on payments its minus some money?

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    ok its all sorted seems its my membership coming off bit by bit and found out its 4 years ive been joined wow!!
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