Help with quidco and topcashback

hey guys i wana take out an o2 simplicity or t-mobile solo right.

But firstly you know on topcashback it doesnt mention the o2 simplicity one month tariff on there site so im guessing they dont do it?

Also how does quidco work? do you pay the fiver up front or does it come out of the cashback?


with quidco it comes out of your cashback (only if you make that much). you make £2 on quidco in the year, they only take £2 (afaik).

yeah you pay the £5 out of the cashback they have recieved meaning that you do not pay up front.

I dont like the fact that it takes £5 every year, but i use Quidco because so far all of my quidco transactions have been successful. Most have tracked, but the few that did not i raised a ticket and got my money at a later point. Where on the other hand i have made two big purchases through topcashback of which neither had tracked. Have submit a ticket but heard nothing.

So i would say even though they take £5, use Quidco as they are more reliable for me. But maybe others on here might disagree.
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