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Found 6th Feb 2008
Hi there i am a new quidco customer.I had made some shoping trough quidco and some of transaction,s status are validated.Is validated status mean is guarante that i will receive cashback ?

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I dont think anything is quaranteed but I've had everything paid that has been validated. When it goes to received in green then you will definately receive it and it will be paid a few days after it says 'paid'...but be patient...can take a few months!!

Quidco definition of Validated is "The merchant has confirmed they will pay cashback on your transaction".

This is the closest yopu will get to a guarantee as there are no guarantees on quidco.

I would be happy if all my transactions went to this status before being paid.

Relax..It'll be OK..:thumbsup:

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thanks a lot

Please post in the quidco thread:

There is a quidco rep there to help with queries.

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