Help with Raffle Donations!!

    My Taekwondo club are doing a christmas raffle to try and gain funds for next year as the club bascially has no money.

    I was wondering if anyone who knows the best places to ask for Donations we are not looking for money just Prizes would be great.

    Many Thannks


    When I used to help run a local pre-school group we fired off letters to local shops in the area asking for small donations of gifts ie wine, chocolates, toiletry gift sets. Explain in the letter exactly what the raffle is for, how the funds will be spent and what the group gives to the community etc. Also put in the letter that the "donating" business will be mentioned in a newsletter to parents for their generosity. Free advertising goes a long way

    We write to the big shops asking for Easter Eggs and also at christmas - selection boxes, and take them to local hospital. We have never been let down with donations - but trick is get in early as they are inundated with requests at this time of the year. We got around 100 eggs this year and so far have 56 selection boxes.

    Good luck!

    as well as local shops (for local people), remember the likes of Makro, Costco etc. Apply (ask) in writing in plenty of time (so ask just after new year for Easter and you should really ask in Sept for Xmas), but good luck.

    Even your local pub may donate a meal for 2 (after all, they will buy drinks when they get to the pub, which they wouldn't have visited had they not won! ) You could ask the parents as well to donate a little something too
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