help with recovering data on hard drive for mclovins daddy!

    my dad needs some help if u know anything about Hard drives :D?

    bought a brand new seagate barracude 500gb ntfs formatted, full to the brink with data, was connected through USB 2 to computer and during the switching off computer was dropped about 2 foot to the ground. It is now not spinning and when connected from USb and external power the powersupply blinks but doesnt when the harddrive isnt connected. Any suggestions on how to fix it? I am intending to buy another HD and try to swap the circuit boards any advice how? and what to look for ?
    also if there is any other ways to recover my info without buying a new hard drive any ideas how to?

    Mclovins dad lol.


    you based in Aberdeen McLovin?

    take it to a specialist. the data won't have been lost it just propbably can't power up to access it.



    long shot but if IDE set it up as a slave drive and connect it to a master drive as if the electronics broke (doubt it from a drop but you never know) it will use the masters electronics...

    Original Poster

    nah im in cambridge thanks for the idea uk pbz. dnt think that will work tho apparently. hes ried everything including freezing it LMFAO... that was a site. heat added for the help.
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