Help with running shoes

    Hey guys, basically im a regular user of the gym but mainly did weights, however i have signed up for the Reading half marathon and need a decent pair of running shoes. The ones i have at the moment make my legs really heavy.

    Anyone know of any good running shoes for roughly 13 miles worth of running? i would spend up to about £50

    Also, what do you think of these?…sGw


    Go to a running shop and get fitted.

    DVS_Dee is OH does a lot of running & went to have his gait measured, he had been wearing completly the wrong trainer for his feet! be warned though some places do charge so ask/google around (_;)

    I'm kind of in the same position, ask around with friends that 'run' they will point you in the direction of a good place. I have signed up to do the Cardiff 1/2 and haven't 'run' in over 20 years! Oh and don't give yourself a "max price"...!oO

    you cant beat the price

    I went to a place called up and running in Manchester who put you on a treadmill to check how you run. I ended up with a £90 pair of asaics but they stopped the pain in my foot i got with my £50 Nike ones. But they had all different priced ones to suit everyone. It's worth investing in some decent trainers. Good luck with the half marathon!!
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