Help with Ryanair Please!!!

    Trying to book a flight from there but when you go to enter the passenger details there is no option for 'Miss' only Doctor, Mr, Mrs and Ms.

    Anyone help?? tried to get through to there customer services.... premium rate £1min.. and the numbers barred on my phone... so i thought i'd try here.

    Thanks in Advance!!!


    Just choose Ms.

    Original Poster

    Would that be ok to do, i thought they have to be identical to passport?


    Just choose Ms.

    i agree that is what i would do, so dont worry :thumbsup:

    Do not worry Ms is fine
    ( my OH had the same problem )

    "Miss" you only get for children, otherwise it's "Ms"

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    Thanks a bunch peeps!! :o) better than spending £1 a min

    go with reverend,

    Your title isn't on your passport so Ms is fine to pick

    Ms is the abriviation when a woman does not want to state any designation of being married or not.
    Its generic.

    Miss - unmarried
    Mrs - married
    Ms - I'm not gonna tell you my marital status.

    Okay and correct to use Ms if you are married or not.
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