Help With Ryzen Motherboard Choice

    So I plan to get the R5 1600 and don't understand why so many people are getting the X370 boards.

    Which motherboard do you guys suggest/are getting and why.

    I'd like one that supports the fastest RAM, are there much other reasons to go with a X370 except looks, few extra ports and SLI?


    honestly dont expect an answer here your best bet is joining a forum like ocuk

    but dont worry im in the same boat making a new build since 2009 so looking at parts ect myself
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    Original Poster

    Thank you and will do

    Pretty much a breakdown…70/…052

    People are buying the X370s because they come with higher tier sound, ethernet, cooling/overclocking support. The difference isn't that much if you're factoring in RGB headers, high end soundcard, high end intel ethernet though.
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