Help with Sat Nav With Courier Mode

    Am looking to upgrade my sat nav as a very early model that only allows postcode entry not street name etc I am looking for one with what I would describe as Courier Mode ie you enter a load of addresses 10-20 and it navigates you to each one in order of distance anyone know if such a thing exists or am I off to the Dragons Den with my new million pound idea

    PS will take £10,000 for a 5% stake of the Business


    I think the Navman N20 has that facility on. I have one for sale if you want to discuss further. Check out the Navman site or one the the gps forums like gps world.

    ive been looking for something to do this but think you have to enter the addresses in the order you want to do them - it doesnt decide the shortest route for you. If it does I would be interested to know

    Not much help, but the reason why this is not a feature commonly found in sat navs is that they are simply not powerful enough to do the maths…lem

    my pda with tomtom 6 has "itinerary" planning is that the same?

    I think the op wants to find the best route to navigate through a set of postcodes, which will result in the least mileage (i.e. sort the set of postcodes to achieve this). Most consumer sat navs as far as I know only navigate through a itinerary list in order of input and so would require a manual sort beforehand.

    and ive found it impossible to find software for the pc that would do this even
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