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    i hope someone can help as a lot of people on here seem to have computer knowledge. i bought a sumvision titan GX media centre enclosure and a 3.5" 750gb 32mb cache sata II samsung hard drive. The pins on the hard drive do not seem to match the pins on the sata cabel that came and I checked to make sure the cable was in fact a sata one. Do i have to do something with the hard drive before it can be connected?

    Basically why do the pins on the hard rove not correspond?

    thanks for your time..


    On the back of the sata drive you will/should have three sets of connectors, One will be an L shaped SATA DATA connector or just the bit that connects the drive to the motherboard. The second one will be a L shaped SATA power connector, which will also be a slim connector but will be length wise a bit longer, and will connect to the Power supply using a similar connector. The third will be jumpers, which you should'nt worry about.
    The Main connections to be made are using the SATA cable which is the L type cable to the SATA ports (L shaped) on your motherboard. And the second form you pwoer supply. Most new power supplies have ready SATA power connectors. They are different to the 4 pin connectors you use for other PATA or IDE drives. You can buy converters from the 4pin molex to SATA power connectors. This is the only thing I can see, maybe your power supply only has the 4 pin molex connector.

    Also make sure you have a SATA cable and not an Esata cable. eSATA is not L shaped.

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    than you for your help. Ihave contected 2 wires to the sata drive...both came with the media centre enclosure i bought. I think i know where i've gone wrong. I have to remove the wire that is in the enclosure and then connect the sata one straight into the pin...

    thanks for your help..much to see if it works lol

    Oh sorry me bad.. I didnt realise you had the GX HDD enclosure, I thought it was GX mediacentre PC enclosure and you had built your own PC or soemthing.
    I think what you have done is probably right. Simple rule, if a cable fits there (and is colour coded) then you should be fine. Dont force anything. The HDD needs both L shaped power and L shaped data connectors to be connected.
    Did the enclosure have the 4 pin white molex connector connected instead of the L shaped SATA?

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    yes it did, i just had to remove the wire first. It doesnt work though. When I connect to pc via usb its not you have any idea what the problem could be. It powers up...i can hear it..pc just doesnt recognise, i'm sure i've connected it right as like you said wires can only go in one place and in one way...could it be faulty usb wire?

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    ok solved...for some reason it only works if you connect to back usb ports..not front ones

    cool so its 750Gb Go!!! I just got a 500Gb one and ive not even strated filling it yet!!
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