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Found 25th Apr 2013
Ok i bought a Sleepover Classis with chrome chassis in October 2012. The pram has rarely be used because of the snow etc.

I have noticed that after managing to get out a few times with it i noticed the other day when one of the wheels fell off (Possibly loose clip i dunno) that 4 of the wheels have starting going rusty. In where the spokes are. Emailed Silver Cross about it and they said.

Dear Mr xxxxx,

Thank you for your email. The Classic chassis wheels are coated during production to prevent causes such as rusting, this is therefore not covered by the warranty.

We would firstly suggest spraying a lubricant such as WD40 onto the wheels and moving areas of the chassis as per the care instructions within the booklet provided with your Sleepover.

Now where the rust is its impossible to remove it.

Surely this should be covered as the process silver cross use to stop rust has failed.

Any ideas anyone. Really annoyed as the pram cost nearly £600! and for it to rust after 6 months is a joke
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I would have expected to read like this:
"The Classic chassis wheels are coated during production to prevent causes such as rusting, this is therefore covered by the warranty".

They are actually saying it shouldn't rust.
Send another letter email and keep on at them
Send photos and also notify trading standards they can advise your better on you rights. Even if they sort at least you've covered everything. Hope you get ut sorted.
If it's a manufacturing fault then its not 'fit for purpose' and you are covered by the sale of goods act.

If it's because you have damaged the surface then you will find it hard to prove that the coating wasn't strong enough for the purpose it was intended. Eg. You buy a hammer which has no manufacturing faults in its form, but when you use it for it's intended use it gets damaged then you will be covered.

You would have thought on a £600 item they would have used stainless steel as they are clearly going to be in contact with water.

I suggest you tell them after taking legal advice you are rejecting the item under the SOGA as not fit for purpose. Then see what their offer is and play it from there. Good Luck.
You should approach the supplier as your contract is with them. It is unreasonable for the wheels to start rusting. It is even more unreasonable that you have evidence from the manufacturer that they are coated with a special coating which clearly has not been effective. Upload some photos for us to see.
Thanks for the replies everyone. Wanted to make sure before i went further. i did manage to get the rust off the outer rims but can't get anymore off. But if its started it will just keep coming back so pretty pointless.

Here is a few images of this. Also the basket underneath is broke aswell. 2 Welds have snapped. Which i am also having difficulties with them dealing with.

Big company like Silver Cross and is shocking customer service.

Post your photos and their email on their facebook site
Where did you buy it from?
Also, when in October did you buy it?

Within 6 months of purchase, reverse burden of proof applies. The supplier has to prove the product was not faulty; after 6 months, the customer has to prove. Did you buy with credit card? If so, Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act applies i.e. the credit card supplier has joint liability with the supplier.
Glasgow Pram Centre and paid in cash. and sorry just found receipt for it.

Was purchased: 25/09/2012
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Glasgow Pram Centre and paid in cash. and sorry just found receipt for … Glasgow Pram Centre and paid in cash. and sorry just found receipt for it.Was purchased: 25/09/2012

You should seek redress from the retailer. Do not take no for an answer. I would write a letter of complaint to them and let them take it up with the manufacturer.
Just a heads up everyone. Got a reply today from them after them emailing me asking for a number to contact me on which I told them emails only for my evidence of what is said.

Reply was: they are now happy to send a courier to collect and repair it free of charge and return it back within 3 working days.

Glad I got that sorted hopefully they just replace the chassis to end all issues hopefully
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