Help with sky?

    We are having major problems with our Sky. It has gone off and is now just a blue screen with no signal being recieved on the screen and a number 29 on the yellow strip.

    Now i have phoned Sky and bless they were not much use and to boot said that i would have to pay for someone to come out and help as our box is out of warrenty. We pay around £60 a month and im no way paying i will cancel first. Is part of the service not to provide a service???

    Anyways back to the help needed. We still have Sky working in the front room and so i assume it is the box as oppose to the signal, so we tried our other box that we have spare and it is just the same.

    Does anyone know if there is anything we can do, other than ring back and hope to get someone else who may try help or who will get an ebgineer out without paying £65. If it comes to that we will cancel the whole lot.

    Sorry for rant, just so angry.


    Hi error 29 is usually an indication of a fault, your box is not receiving any signal whatsoever from your dish. Check the cabling. . often misalignment or a faulty LNB can cause the '29' error code so if you can have a look out side at the dish and the cables hope this helps

    if you have done your 12 month contract cancel your sky they will soon fix it for you for free mine keep saying please put card in then freezing they where going to make me pay but i told then ill cancel and they gave me a new sky plus box free

    if you out of the 12months, argue that it does ot state in the T's & C's that you own the box, so do not have to pay for an engineer, I did and they sent one out for free.

    This is one of the raeson i switched to Virgin Media.
    Sky boxes always fail and Sky insist you pay for an engineer visit. But i do beleive once you have made a one off payment the fault is fixed be it a new dish & LNB or a new box or both!
    Do as other users suggest and threaten to cancel and go with Virgin Media on their 3 for £30 deal - Sky will send engineer for free!

    Original Poster

    Sorry guys, got caught up with things and never got a chance to say a big thanks for all the advice.

    The guy is due today between 2-4 to fix the box that is now working again. Im going to have him check it though as something was obviously wrong for it to be off for 2 days.

    I spoke with someone who was like cancel it then, so my partner rang back and said right we want to cancel and hey ho free fixing of the problem. I just think it does depend on who you get to answer the phone. I was never ever rude to them and i really think the guy i got must just of been in a bad mood.

    cheers Again
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