Help with Sky Box inside a TV cabinet

Found 27th Dec 2013
Hi Guys

In a bit of a dilemma, our new tv unit is a bit small for the Xbox one and the Sky. On to sit side by side without the Xbox One deciding it's overheating and the Fan Whirs

So we have decided to put (if we can) the Sky Box in the below cupboard in the tv unit which has solid front wooden doors, if we do this will the Magic Eye work so we can have the sensor come up from the back and position it on the top surface of the unit below the Tv?

If you know what I mean

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Which magic eye are you talking about? THe multi-room extender?

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This one:


Would this work so the Sky Box can be put into the below cupboard which doesn't have windows?


sky box doesn't give off much heat

if the cabinet has doors and your xbox one is inside then its going to blow out the hot air take it back in because there is no cool air inside for it

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This is how close together each is



are the intake fans on the sides or the top? if it's the sides then you will have to move the sky box like you say I guess

Yes it will work, but sky remotes tend to be a bit less responsive through a magic eye and coax. Try an IR repeater instead.

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An IR Repeater?

What's that mate

I use these marmitek

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How big are those units Abacus

About 120mm high by 80mm width.

I have been using these for about 2 years now and all my gear is hidden away .

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Cool thanks buddy

No problem
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