Help with SKY one off payment package

    I want to buy sky but i only want the 4 months free then cancel but everywhere seems to have sold out. Does anyone know why?
    Is there any other way of doing this or does anyone know where there maybe stock?


    I believe this offer ended in July 2009

    Original Poster

    arrrr that is why then, anyone got any ideas then?


    arrrr that is why then, anyone got any ideas then?

    Can you get your hands on a DeLorean?

    I bought one of these in July from Tesco and phoned sky to register, which went ok and was told I would get a call re installation. This didn't happen and after a few calls spent about 90 mins on the phone to sky yesterday and spoke to eleven people there!!
    Bottom line is they have renaged on responsibility for the installation saying it was for Tesco to phone them to arrange installation, even though the box says to phone Sky direct. End result I am going to get a refund from Tesco today. Not impressed with Sky - crap service, not accepting responsibility for one and no-one there taking responsibility to sort it out, as I said eleven calls to get to the point where they refused to do the install! Ironic thing is after the free trial I would have probobly signed up for HD service from them.
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