Help with Sky please!!!!!

    Ok so our sky box is playing up (switches itself off all the time).My husband has phoned up a few times about it and they usually get him to press some buttons on the remote,switch it off at the wall-things like that but nothing works.I think its just done.So they gave us a deal for a new sky+ box for 79quid including installation.We agreed as we need a new box and sky+ would suit us better anyway.So they said it was on order and to phone back in x days to pay for it and get a date for installation.So we did and they said they had no record of the offer we were made.So instead they offered us sky+ box for 99 quid and 30 for installation!Well we said no thanks we cant afford that.So I was wondering, if my husband cancels his sky subscription (we're not under contract) could I join up and reap the benefits of the new customer offer?I have looked on sky's website and can't find any info.Rep for any help given.Thanks.


    In a word... yes.

    Sounds like the £79 offer is one that Technical offer to customers with dodgy standard boxes

    We have just had our replacement box (HD one) that was £79 inc installation.

    Perhaps it is a HD offer, cos they get a monthly subscription out of you.

    Could be a blessing in disguise it didn't go through really. Before I got HD, I had sky+ downstairs and in the bedroom and didn't pay a penny for either of the boxes. The best thing you can do is ask to be put through to cancellations, when you get through say you want to cancel as you don't really get a chance to watch what you want as you're always out or at work, so have been looking at Virgin Media and are going to go with them (although have a look at their deals online first so you know roughly what you're on about). Sky will then talk to you about Sky+ and when they mention the fee, say you cant afford it and they should then come back to you and offer it for free.

    If they don't, cancel and join again under your name and you should still get it for free under a new customer offer, or you could look at a discounted HD box :thumbsup:

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    Thanks charlie&lola.Will do that now.

    Had Sky+ for a couple of years and have just switched to Virgin Media, best thing I have ever done, now have 3 boxes instead of 2, phone and broadband saving around £50 a month.

    Hope this helps

    The real problem is, Sky don't actually have any Sky+ Receivers, they are on back order from China.


    The real problem is, Sky don't actually have any Sky+ Receivers, they are … The real problem is, Sky don't actually have any Sky+ Receivers, they are on back order from China.

    I hear they won't be available as upgrades till later this month
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