Posted 29th Jan 2009
Just wondering before i buy another bed if anyone has any advise or knows anything that might help.

I bought a double bed a while ago but didnt actually use it for quite some time and the slats appear to be a little too small or maybe the bits they go in arent strong enough, not too sure which one, they keep coming out when i lye on the bed and i'm only about 10 stone so its not my weight lol

The shop i bought it out of has since closed down so can't even contact them to see if they can help.

Is it possible i could buy new slats or something?

I've tried tightening the bed whilst the slats are all in but it stil happens.

its a leather double bed and cost quite a bit so would be gutted if i need to buy a whole new bed as money is quite short but i keep waking up as the slats fall out during the night!

Any help or advise with this would be really appreciated

Thanks guys
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