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Looking to upgrade my Huawei Y550, It's been and still is an excellent phone but the 4GB internal is a bit limiting now.

Im not mega mobile user at all but dont want anything expensive at all as I work with my phone and will it though rarely. Im not a serial upgrader just every couple of years.

I need something with decent reception, battery life, GSP & camera and something not that nickable are the main things but need it to run smoothly. I am a fan of Huawei I must admit had a Y300 before the Y550 and both have been excellent phones.

I've gone from dual core to quad core but am thinking of octa core now and want the max spec for my money with good build quality.

Now just thinking of basic upgrade with Huawei Y6 Compact II is £84.99 again in my EE store bigger screen 16GB & 2gb ram, will be good I know but £85 is a bit steap nowadays for me never spent over 50 on a mobile before.

But I am thinking of going whole hog and get a Huawei p9 Lite is £139.99 in my local EE store much more than I want to spend but is this a worthwile upgrade to the 3GB octa core decent camera,etc.

The other thing I was looking at was Xiaomi Redmi 3s Prime which has octa core 3gb ram & 32gb storage and massive 4100MAh battery. I know they are not in the UK but they are a cut above the normal chinese phones, like Hauwei and its decent enough spec with good battery and I can get one in UK for £130.

If anyone could help me choose or have experience with any of these phones.


stick to what you know if u no the huawei stick with it

I have a Redmi 3s prime, got it for Christmas. Previously had a moto g 4g. My primary concern was the OS as I liked stock android. Nova launcher sorted this out for me, so I have no need to install Cyanogenmod.

Other than that, phone is snappy, camera decent and battery life is amazing. I have the 'global edition' with band 20 support. took about 3 weeks to arrive from aliexpress.

If you have any questions about it let me know and I'll try to answer as bet I can.

look for something like note 4 second hand in good condition.

Go for it 100%

I would recommend Xiaomi, I have a few of their products now and their build quality is very high. Even higher than a lot of the equivalents generally sold here.

my wife has the p9 lite - its a pretty awesome little thing - much better than i expected when i bought it for her!
running alongside my s6edge - same program to compare - and there's not a massive amount in it.
Put it another way, I am seriously thinking about one fo my son for his birthday coming up very soon. (he's had way too much for xmas lol)
I've always had samsung (well nokia prior to that but thats a different story) the tocco lite, s2,s4,s6rdge - will go for the next possible s8 (if ones around when i get my next), but I highly recommend the P9 lite

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Many Thanks to everyone really did help had a really good look around played with the p8 lite & p9 lite and the Huawei Y6II Compact and being use to Huawei I knew my way round them. The p8 lite was a bit laggy in places but the p9 lite and y6II for their spec's were very, very good, though plastic.

I just couldn't justify the cost of a p9 lite and the Xiaomi Redmi 3s prime. So went investigating the Xiaomi Note phones which look very good. Worked out that I didn't want a phone with a built in battery though they are all coming built in now, gggrrr.

Decided to go 2nd hand on Ebay and I had to get one with a changeable battery as I didn't want to get one with a built in one with a killed battery.

Had a futher look on gsmarena to find octa core's with changeable battery & 2gb ram minimum and only come back with 67 results, of that only 10 had UK release and most of them were Samsungs which I didn't want to have as they were way to expensive even 2nd hand.

The best performing one available sub £100 2nd hand was the Redmi Note 2 and I managed to get a Chinese one (as it has the micro sd card slot, Global ones don't) with the Global Rom on it with 2GB & 16GB storage for £68 from UK seller and has been despatched already by recorded delivery. Will see if it needs new case & battery but I can get both for less than £12. Wanted something with Marshmallow on but redme note 2 isn't going to get it apparently but there is a proper marshmallow rom available so could look into flashing it. OMG I gone really geeky looking at all these phones LOL

Got a better performing phone that the Redmi 3s and slightly slower than the p9 lite but at nearly half the cost.

Thanks again all !!

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Just an update on this one and extending my new found phone geekness. The Redmi Note 2 which I got had a bit of a shagged battery and just lasts 1 day and had a plan b in place and got a Lenovo K3 Note watched on Ebay and got it for £50 delivered and the overall experience is much better that the Redmi Note 2 even though its a lower spec phone and can get 3 days out of the battery. Not built as well and has less features, slightly slower but the vibe skin is better than the Mimu skin on the Xiaomi and the Lenovo runs much smoother.

On a note doing some research and everyone bar LG are dropping removable batteries and shafting the 2nd hand market. Phones with build in batteries are not going for decent prices because you don't know if the battery is shagged or not and those with good spec's with removable batteries are going up in price. Before they jump up to much got my with Samsung Galaxy Alpha with Octa Core, 2GB ram & 32GB onboard for £70 is mint with spare battery and normally these are hitting £100. They are shooting up in price and you will find it hard to get decent spec phones with removable batteries. So if your after one grab one while you can and if you get a phone with built in and want to sell it I would do it when its a year old because those with 2 year old built in batteries are not selling well at all.
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