Help with sold item on eBay.


    I just sold my Xbox 360 Elite 120gb on ebay.

    The person who bought this of me lives in Latvia.

    This persons address is unconfirmed? So will there be any problems?

    Also I from the start had charged £45 quid for postage abroad.

    So which courier would be good to use to send this item abroad, with tracking? Also would it would cost around £20 - £30 quid right?

    Please if someone could suggest me some couriers I can use.

    Cheers, Thanks for the help.


    Why would someone in Latvia want your Xbox from England?
    My mate sold a Wii to some bloke in Lithuania and suprise suprise never got the money.

    I would cancel the transaction. Because more than likely they will do a paypal claim and you'll be out of pocket.

    Original Poster

    The guy who got the item has positive feedback amount of 128 (100%). Just checked my account and the money is there. So got me thinking if I should carry on with the transaction or not.

    yes its sure to be a scam .....100%

    I have adjusted my ebay so that only people with certain feedback and paypal accounts can bid on my auctions also only to UK .

    There are loads of Latvians with 100% positive feedback.......these are the ones with lots of friends (_;)

    same here with an iphone.the filth that bought from me paid with someone elses account.
    for the last 2 years paypal have suspended MY account because i refused to pay back the
    money unless the phone was returned.

    Alarm bells ringing...........

    I say continue with it. Once you have been scammed you will learn.

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    Thanks guys for the advice, I am going to cancel the transaction and relist the item with only UK shipping offered.

    I just need advice on one part - how should I refund this person back?

    Straight from paypal? Or do I contact the seller with some reason e.g. can find no couriers to send to Latvia.

    Just refund and send them the reason at the same time. Was it a buy it now auction, if not you could give a second chance offer, save you having to relist.

    yep 100% scam if you dont believe us try it and learn from your mistakes and report back to us so we can lol at your face lol


    refund, relist. If you want some fun tell them ift they still want it you will only accept payment by western union and see what they say

    DONT DO IT !!

    Original Poster

    Just refunded the buyer the full amount. Also sent a message through eBay with a message about why I want to cancel the transaction. Also sent a cancel transaction notification to the buyer so I can get my full ebay fee amount back.

    Going to relist the item this time only shipping to the UK.

    Cheers guys for the help.

    Original Poster

    I would rep all of you in the old system btw.
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