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Found 10th May 2010
Hi all,

I've moved into a house and I was trying to put up a mirror in the bathroom and I wastrying to drill the hole but it just seems to have got bigger as i was drilling. I was wondering what icould use or do to patch upthe hole but be able to reuse it tohang the mirror off it again?

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There's that putty stuff.
Use a plug?
the hole is around the size, a lil bit thinner than my small finger, i started to drill the hole... went through really easy but then got stuck... black soot come out so i think i must have got to a breeze block or some concrete and i couldnt get the drill deeper so i put it on hammer mode but it just made it wider and thus the raw plug just falls out. i would just put it higher and try another hole but my girlfriend says it is too high and it wont fit above the sink and shelf any lower?
Fill the hole with spent matches lengthways then skim over with plaster or filler (tip: look for the no shrink filler), you can then screw straight into the matches this causes them to be forced outwards and give an excellent grip.

The cause needs examining though, check the drill bit is spot on straight as even a small offset can cause badly drilled holes, DO NOT BUY BUDGET DRILL BITS, they are often out on sizes are weak and just not worth it, invest in some decent ones (toolstation do a good range at lowish cost in comparison to budget ones. You will get more mileage out of a decent drill bit.

Other causes are bad/old plaster and poor underlying brick/block work that crumbles.
I would fill with something like ]Tetrion, maybe more that one application to make a tidy job. Then drill a little more carefully and use the correct plug for the wall and screw size.
What are you drilling in to? Plasterboard, brick or tiles? You could fill with some form of pollyfilla if its a wall, or grout if it is a tile but i'd move the mirror slightly to cover the hole and re-drill another tbh. Alternatively, could you just use a bigger rawl plug and screw?

Plus make sure you are using the correct drill bit for the job.
If its an unframed mirror ont a small surface I would considered some no nails type instant grab adhesive.
i was thinking the no nails way but never used it before so not sure how good it is?

I was just drilling and it wasnt going in further and then the hole got bigger and then the girlfriend got angry then i got annoyed now theres just a hole in the wall... LOL
put some pollyfilla in the hole and push the rawlplug in while wet, wipe of excess

when fully dry (24 hours) its ready to put the screw in (happens to me quite often)
I had a house that gave out black dust when drilled, and the wall was made of what I think was recycled coal fired powerstation waste.

It is not hard enough normally to stop a hammer drill with a masonary drill bit.

Therefore I suggest that either you have hit a metal pipe, or a metal wall plug, a metal electric wire conduit, or for some reason, another metal object.

Hopefully not an old waretime unexploded bomb!

If you were using a normal metal drill, you would not get such good results as a proper masonary drill bit, as that is specially hardened with a tungsten carbide tip.

If it is not a wood drill that has a flat end with rotary cutters on the edge to cut wood fibres cleany, and also has a tiny point sticking out at the end.

If it was a metal drill bit then if you see iron filings in the dust and possibly sticking to the end of the drill bit, then you have hit an iron object, possibly a large nail, hopefully not a pipe.

Especially if it was a gas pipe, but a water pipe does a lot of damage if burst, and electric conduit pipes can become live if they are not grounded as they should be.

If it is just a very hard bit of stone on a concrete block, then try using a hammer and rock chisel, if you have not got a small enough rock chisel (I have, due to my old caving days and my brother doing a Geology degree) then use an old long masonary drill bit.

Just be SURE you are not being stopped by metal, as you have tp find out why it is there if it is not a nail.

Polyfiller is OK for small holes, Tetrion is tougher and should be used for larger holes.

Or use a large enough wooden dowel glued in to the hole with no-nails. Brilliant stuff. It does NOT like dust however, as that "blinds" it, so you may need to vacuum the hole after blowing out as much as you can, then wash it with upvc glue (used as a consolidante for porous building stone, in particular sandstone.- en.wikipedia.org/wik…ate).

Then when it has dried, use no-nails
If you intend hanging it up like a picture, using only one anchor point, then reconsider and make another suspensoion point so as to allow the support wire/string to hang over 2 "nails".

That way if one goes, you reduce the chance of it falling immediately onto the bathroom floor, or worse, the sink, and breaking the mirror and anything it falls on.

Excuse spelling mistakes, I am having to look after my sick son, and duty calls.

I will spell check later.

i was thinking the no nails way but never used it before so not sure how … i was thinking the no nails way but never used it before so not sure how good it is?

the best no nails type stuff I have used is evosticks "sticks like sh*t"
Note to mods I am NOT avoiding the swear filter this is what it is actually called, toolmix.com/bro…cnc
I have used it to fix a leaky tap collar inside a water butt whilst it still had water in it.
I'm fairly certain I was just drilling into wall, no metal or pipes etc, cheers everyone for all the help,
(inhale of breath between teeth) Sounds like after that you would need your whole wall skimmed, I'll skim it all for £100 including materials
sorted it now, stuck it in with some no more nails. solid it is. cheers
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