Help with some ideas please???

    Hi all,

    a friend of mine is visiting England, she is here for a few months & I will get to spend a day or two with her. Thing is Im on a bit of a budget and really don't know what we can do or where we can go for a day/evening out????

    I was think of Alton Towers etc but the weather is terrible, was thinking maybe a long drive from yorkshire and then something to do??

    Please help and recommendations



    oO Do you not live here ? If you do are you not familiar with your local area ? It may help if you gave a bit more information regarding which region you wish to travel.

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    I do live here, just can't think of anything to do or where to go, will be travelling from South Yorkshire (Rotherham) to be precise, but really cant think of anything to do in/around this area. Especially with the weather etc...
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    Yorkshire - a zillion things to do .
    NE coast
    even Hebden Bridge for goodness sake.

    Generally countryside, shopping (Harrogate) , river-sides (Fountains Abbey, Knaresborough), parks ( Roundhay) and cathedrals ( Ripon, unless the shysters have started charging!) tend to be free.

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    Hmm I was thinking more activity...rather than shopping,sight seeing something similar to alton towers or somewhere were we can chill out & have fun.

    Sheffield ski village?

    also depends where she comes from-my friend from hungary loves mooching charity shops and bootsales! she has also enjoyed legoland and other places with the kids, but it costs!
    She loved chester we went there for a girls could try york? minster should be free?

    Flamingo land.
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