Help with stalking.....

    Anyway of searching a email address, and seeing what sites that its registered too? Don't ask questions lol.......serious

    I've tried googling it, to no avail.


    search the email adress in facebook !!

    but sssh i didnt tell you :thumbsup:

    Just come in the doors not locked!:roll:

    you have been stalking me llm;-)

    Original Poster

    Don't need the it lol!



    Don't need the it lol!

    who is it ,who is it.!!!

    Try searching on individual sites, as some let you search for members by their email address. You'll likely have to sign up yourself though.

    You could also try finding a username they might use, and search that.

    However, you probably won't get much either way!

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    There has to be a way?

    dont do facebook!

    I tried it once... the next day the person got a "someone you might know" and my name popped up!!

    DON'T do it...

    Why do you want to stalk someone? :-D I'm shocked at you.

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    Why do you want to stalk someone? :-D I'm shocked at you.

    You jealous coz it's not you is what a "friend" would use in a book I **ahem** read
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