Help with storing I-Pod tunes onto a new computer

    I have got over 1800 songs on my I-Pod but I am unable to add anymore, this is because I will lose all my songs if I sync it with my new computer, is there anyway (simple) way of copying all my songs from the I-Pod onto my computer?

    It will have have to be really simple, as I am a complete dipstick with computers and technology.

    Thanks in advance


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    Thanks for that, but just clicked on it, it wants £10.65- thats ok but I am worried I will pay and not be competant enough to understand how to do it, end result I lose £10.65 and still no music

    will even the most stupid person be able to understand the instructions?


    Oh sorry about that.
    I had the same problem and know that there is a good program for it. I forgot what it is called and it is not on my computer. What I do is click manual sync. This doesn't delete the songs on the ipod. When I put an new cd onto itunes I will highlight them and drag them to the ipod name. I know this doesn't transfer the songs to your computer but it doesn't delete them.

    I use anapod copy gear/explorer from red chair software. It costs a couple of quid but it's very simple to use and works a treat.…od/

    Can you not transfer them to a USB drive first, then transfer them to your new computer for uploading to your ipod?…php

    My daughter did this not long ago using the above as a guide. Hope it works for you!

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    oh well, just paid £12.50 and lost all my music, I knew this would happen.

    back to drawing board- I really must try and get upto date with these things, but as much as I try- I ALWAYS FAIL MISERABLY

    thanks to all those that tried to help

    aww man that sucks. u should use ipod access. great wee programme and unbelievabley easy to use.

    Sorry its too late to help you, but for other people with this problem I suggest ]Copytrans

    You can take some off for free, but have to pay for full service. Definitely worth the £ in my opinion, I have had to use it 3 times now (twice restored to factory settings and then new laptop) and it is really straight forward, very good instructions. I am not very technical and I managed no problem. You pay once and then you can install it as many times on as many computers as you need/want to.



    Can you not transfer them to a USB drive first, then transfer them to … Can you not transfer them to a USB drive first, then transfer them to your new computer for uploading to your ipod?

    He might have a lot of music and this will be no good as you will need a hell of a large drive

    I have tried Sharepod with very good results. do a search on google. very easy to use

    idump is the program for copying from an ipod to a computer...

    it can be run from the computer or it can be run from the the route of the ipod. Used it many times, its simple, small to download, and does exactly what you want to do.

    and best of all its completely FREE...

    I find yamipod to be the best. Have a google!


    the most useful and simple tool ,i think is itransferstudio, it can easliy back up your ipod by clicking a few button.
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