Help with street fighter 4 trophys

    i need a perfect medal and a ten in a row streak , i did have a five but have since had my arse kicked

    ill do the same in return


    Can you do ranked with friends?

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    i think so yes

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    well now youve said it , im starting to think you cant , but im sure you can

    I can do it if you left me whoop you first, lol!

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    fair enough

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    you ok to do it now?

    My PSN is Abvance, add me and we can try tonight, when are you on?

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    im not doing nothing allday

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    my PSN Name is MidgetOlympics , ill add you

    Sorry, I'm at work now, maybe someone else can do it now, do you mind if I still use you to get the trophy?

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    its alright ill wait for you , what time will you be home

    Hopefully about 5-6pm, if you're online I'll message you.

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    ok ill add you on psn

    cant sent friend requests in ranked games

    game invites i mean, sorry

    looks like you need to do it the hard way then or play a really cheap character

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    narrow the search perimeters down and can find each other in the lobby

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    will take us a bit longer but can be done

    lol, sort of defeats the object of getting the trophy doesn't it? Bit of a hollow victory if you ask me....

    I reckon it'll still be very difficult to find each other randomly, might be easily to choose Sagat and spam.

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    i tried a couple of search options and it couldnt find a match , so if one makes the lobby , the other could search 4 it

    But then someone else might join and you'll have to quit.

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    well its up to u if u want to give it a shot

    I played online for the first time and am 2-0 up
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