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    As a student who starts University in September i have some worries and issues, any help/advice would be appreciated greatly....

    1. I live with my partner, we both claim income support as we're both studying at college at present and also getting housing benefit, however im told once Uni starts i will be forced to pay full rent charges, which will dent any loans/grants i receive from Uni

    2. On top of the Uni loans (maintenence grant and loan and bursary) is it possible to get anymore student loans on top of these from banks etc? I mean ones that i dont pay back until im earning £15'000 a year etc

    3. Any other help/advice?


    Hello mate,

    I am just finishing my third year at uni, so I know a bit about what your going through.

    I assume that you have gone through the student loan company and applied for the standard loan/grant? If not then you must!! They will also pay your tuition fees. google "student loan company" for their address.

    I have not seen a bank give the same sort of loan as the SLC do but they do offer special bank accounts. Both Lloyds and HSBC will give you a bank account with a £1500 interest free overdraft. HSBC have been very relaxed about my re-payments, but expect me to make more regular ones when I am earning. I will also start to incur interest then!

    Some Uni's have what is called a "hardship fund". This is for student who are particularly hard up. The uni will look at your circumstances and might give you some extra help.

    The citizens advice bureau and connections are also quite good and are normally in most town centres. You could ask them if there is anything else you are entitled to. Connections sorted me out in my first year! Connections is only for under 19's though

    If I think of anything else i will let you know! PM if you have any q's

    Original Poster

    thanks arbiter, greatly appreciated

    pretty sure the rent/council tax rebate system is available to all on low income but best check with the local council ]here is a handy spot to start

    Original Poster

    Wouldnt know where to begin looking

    The loans are good as you don't have to pay them back as you said if you earn over a certain amount. But I don't know of any banks which are willing to do the same? It is expensive going Uni but if you get a part time job or just try to keep your spendings to minimum it will help.

    As a student myself I work part time and I am doing alright!! ;-)
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