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    Hi Guys
    Pls help me.. I know I can google it I have tried to but need your help. Can someone pls point me tto an email address which may be in operation to contact talkaltalk and tiscali team . I have had problems with them for over 4 months and sent them aa letter in post. They have basically sent me a pre written formatted email, did not have decency to write. So can ou pls someone tell me a way to contact them, i do not want to ring themk they are useless....


    They are useless, did they change your billing date too? Im now with BT after taking 4 months of crap off of them.


    hahah talk talk they are rubbish..

    if the issue is that bad have you contacted OFcom ? and then Otello for some help and advice

    as for contacting them by phone they are dog poo

    The thing is you need to constantly complain to get anywhere, phone, and email them.

    if its been over 4 months i think your best bet it OFcom. we had hell with talk talk/tiscali last summer when we moved, they couldnt provide broadband to the new house yet still wanted payments for the next 6 months, we didnt have a tie in or contract as we'd been with them ( tiscali) for over 6 years.
    they are still trying to take payments now 9 months later.


    also consumer direct has templates for a letter to point out the sale of goods and service act.. so you could be within your right to dump them and get in another provider

    log in to your account and submit a query, thats the best way, ringing them/emailing them is waste of time. in fact submitting a query is a waste of time aswell, it will take another 6 months to sort your problem out...!

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    thanks guys any email addresses though
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